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Blue Light Protection - Top Five Reasons To Provide It For Your Family

 Blue Light Protection

It’s impossible to avoid it.

At work and at home, indoors and outside — and even in the comfort of our own beds — we are exposed to blue light and the risks that are associated with it.

Eye doctors and other medical professionals say blue light protection is valuable in safeguarding our eyes from the harmful effects of high-energy light.

The screens of our computers, tablets and smartphones, as well as our televisions and even most of our lighting — artificial and natural — are sources of blue light. It’s not always possible to reduce blue light exposure at every place our lives take us, but it is definitely possible to outfit our homes with blue light protection.

The good news is that it’s not only possible, it’s easy.

With so many other potential hazards in our travels through life, why add blue light to our concerns? Great question.

Here are five very good reasons to seek blue light protection:

  1. Many studies have concluded that blue light overexposure presents near- and long-term health risks.
  2. Children, in particular, can benefit from blue light protection. Their eyes are known to absorb more blue light than adults’ eyes. And because they are young and still developing, lacking the filtering features of adult eyes, children’s eyes are more susceptible to damage.
  3. Problems associated with blue light overexposure may not be immediately apparent but can show up in later years. Macular degeneration, for example, is linked to blue light.
  4. Blue light affects our sleep and is blamed for some learning and behavior problems. Exposure to blue light in the hour or two before bedtime can trigger a reaction that tricks our bodies and makes sleeping difficult. Blue light affects the body’s ability to produce melatonin, which helps us feel drowsy and fall asleep.
  5. Blue light is the highest-energy wavelength of white light. It can penetrate to the back of the eye after bypassing natural filters that manage and process the other light waves. Essentially, the best defense our bodies have is the manmade blue light protection available today.

Blue light protection is easy to obtain and convenient to install throughout our homes and workplaces.

Blue light is included in the full spectrum that our eyes see as white light. In other words, it occurs in natural sunlight and is particularly intense in bright daylight – such as what we experience at mid-day, on beaches, on snow and ice fields, and at higher elevations. Blue light also is emitted in large doses from electronics such as televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s also one of the high-energy wavelengths emitted by incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, LED and other artificial lighting.

As we stated earlier, we cannot avoid blue light altogether, but we can mitigate the risks. Blue light protection comes in several forms.

Blue light screen protectors & filters are gaining popularity among those who work long hours in front of computers and tablets. Studies show that many of us spend up to 10 hours a day in front of screens emitting blue light in high doses.

Filters can be applied as static clings on screens of computers, digital tablets and smartphones.

In addition, lamps featuring blue light reduction technology are readily available today. Manufacturers are producing study, reading, hobby and work lighting that is considered far safer than conventional lighting.

As the term implies, blue light reduction study, computer and craft lighting emit minimal blue light while reducing glare and the eye strain and fatigue that can result.

Medical professionals continue to recommend to patients that they take steps to add blue light protection in their homes, work and study locations. The benefits can be realized immediately in terms of reduced eye strain and lower risks for more serious eye damage and disorders affecting sleep, learning and behavior.