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Easy-to-install Blue Light Filter on iPhone - Protect Your Health

blue light filter iPhone

Limiting exposure is easier than you think.

Insomnia, eye strain and other disorders are linked to the growing overexposure to blue light experienced by almost every segment of society as we rely more and more on our smartphones, computers and digital tablets. Fortunately, we have options, including installing a blue light filter on iPhone screens and on other digital devices.

Our phones’ and computers’ bright screens emit harmful blue light. Part of their allure is the sharpness and clarity of the displays. We love the pictures, videos, articles, games, emails, text messages, and other activities on our screens, but all of that comes with a heavy dose of blue light. Other sources of blue light are natural sunlight and artificial lighting as well, so avoiding blue light altogether is simply not an option.

But limiting blue light exposure definitely is an option. Consider the benefits you may gain with the easy-to-install blue light filter on iPhone and other digital screens. Researchers say that it is best to reduce exposure as much as possible, but even a small reduction can be helpful.

Installation of a blue light filter on iPhone and other digital screens is not difficult.

They are readily available to online shoppers and easy to install. A great choice is a blue light filter that clings to your screen without adhesives. A blue light filter on iPhone and other smartphone screens can be a significant factor, considering the amount of time people of all ages invest today on their devices.

Blue light can be harmful to people of all ages, but due to the increasing use of digital tools in entertainment and school environments, youngsters are especially susceptible. Research shows children can experience eye strain, sleep disorders and even changes in behavior because of overexposure to blue light.

Use of iPhones and other digital devices right before bedtime is linked to a reduction in our bodies’ production of melatonin, the hormone that helps us feel drowsy and fall asleep. But the hours just before bedtime often are when many people spend lots of time viewing smartphones, computers and tablets.

A variety of medical and scientific studies have shown that those who reduced their nighttime exposure to blue light slept better.

Blue light filtering products work.

Fortunately, products such as the blue light filter for iPhone and other smartphone brands’ screens have been shown to be effective in reducing blue light.

In addition to phones and computer screens, blue light is emitted by incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED and full-spectrum bulbs. Special blue light reduction lamps are available and recommended by medical professionals for those who want to minimize their exposure.

But the first and easiest step many doctors recommend is installing a blue light filter on iPhones and other smart devices.

The fact is we cannot eliminate blue light altogether. From the sun above and the lights indoors to the digital devices in our hands and on our desks, blue light is entering our eyes and passing through our corneas to the point where it makes changes in our bodies.

But adding blue light filters wherever we can will go a long way in reducing our risks.