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Dr. Lite produces the premier blue light reduction products in the U.S.

Dr. Lite produces the premier blue light reduction products in the U.S. based on 5 years of research, medical expertise and field testing.


It started with the aim to help children do their best in school, but it’s since grown to support everyone in any situation to take on the growing concern about the increasingly harmful effects of blue light.

Now, Dr. Lite has become the leading expert in the study of blue light-related conditions and in the development of applied technologies to offer a total solutions approach protecting against these conditions. Dr. Lite is recognized across the country and around the world in the science of blue light reduction:

  • 5 years of dedicated research, beginning well before the issue had become a widely established concern
  • The result of full participation and consultation with eye experts, and created to the specifications of physicians in eye health and vision protection
  • Proven effective in multiple field environments and endorsed by some of the country’s leading ophthalmologists and educators


More and more, you are reading or seeing news reports about the damaging impact from the harmful range of blue light. What you may not know is how widespread this exposure happens to be, and why a comprehensive solution is the only one that makes sense.

  • Blue light hazard is virtually everywhere
    • natural light from the sun
    • artificial light from lamps
    • digital light from computer screens and devices

Research from medical professionals shows the dangers associated with exposure to blue light, particularly from artificial light and devices.

  • macular degeneration and cataracts
  • sleep disorders
  • diminished concentration
  • behavioral and anxiety troubles
  • Computer Vision Syndrome
  • headaches, eye strain, discomfort

Single situation “band-aid” approaches that address only a particular lighting application are not sufficient to combat such a prevalent problem.

  • protecting against computer and smartphone blue light doesn’t help much if the rest of the room is bathed in the much more harmful artificial light from the most commonly used light sources
  • using the “right kind” of lamp when you read is a good idea, but not really good enough if the lighting for every other application and every other room delivers greater blue light hazard

Dr. Lite, therefore, has worked with physicians and eye care practitioners to develop a total-solution approach that deals with blue light in all of its most harmful situations and each of its most adverse origins.

  • eliminates blue light at its source through the use of customized LEDs, along with patented blue light absorbing filters and medical-grade lighting fixture designs
  • minimizes glare during reading and computer viewing
  • enhances visual acuity and clarity whether working, studying or crafting
  • avoids dangerous UV light for a more comfortable experience, as well as both short-term and long-term eye health protection


Dr. Lite science solves problems with the only medical-grade products made to protect against the harmful effects of blue light.

  • A comprehensive line of products that promote an effective total-solution approach
  • Dr.-recommended lighting (Angel Study Light, Halo Computer Light, Clarity Craft Light)
  • Dr.-approved computer and mobile device screen filters (laptop filter, smartphone filter, tablet filter)

Designed to help children and adults see better, sleep better and focus better.

  • protects your eyes against artificial light and devices that overexpose them to the portion of the blue spectrum with the shortest wavelengths and the highest energy
  • promotes proper sleep patterns by filtering the blue light that has been shown to inhibit the production of melatonin necessary for a good night’s sleep
  • improves attention and behavior compared to blue light exposure that causes overstimulation and hyperactivity

Created and proven by vision experts.

  • developed by a NASA scientist to the specifications of physicians and vision health practitioners
  • endorsed by board-certified optometric physician Dr. Edward J. Huggett, who assessed Dr. Lite as the best eye care product line seen in quite some time and would “strongly recommend it to anyone who cares about their eye health”
  • field tested by ophthalmologist Dr. Terry Lee Forrest of Wayne Memorial Hospital in Goldsboro, N.C.
  • field tested by students and teachers at Patrick Henry Elementary School, Tulsa. Okla.
  • field tested by, the International Macular Degeneration Support Group known as “The eyes of the macular degeneration community,” and endorsed by its Director, Dr. Dan Roberts

Dr. Lite is based out of Chicago, with distribution centers located in the Los Angeles area.